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When Less is More…The Guide to Better Green

When looking to enhance the appearance and lifecycle of plants, flowers, trees, and turf, there is one simple rule – stick with t

he basics. This mindset sounds so easy, but over the years, many companies have made it appear as though more chemicals are necessary to make the natural landscape in your yard flourish.

Additionally, the increase in chemical ingredients has also caused adverse effects on the environment. With the inclusion of nitrogen and phosphorus in most fertilizers today, there are numerous impacts on local waterways and marine life. When fertilizers containing these ingredients are used, they can be washed down towards lakes and canals due to rain or sprinkler water, causing harm to our waterways and marine life that rely on untainted nutrients in the water. Also note that the more chemicals you add to fertilizer, the higher the product’s cost will become.

However, in today’s world, we do have more opportunities to help our plants, flowers, trees, and turf thrive and can do so without multiple chemicals. We need to focus on the growth, strength, color, and root structure as these are the basics for healthy plant and turf life. You do not need to create a complex formula to tackle these elements; you need only focus on the simple ingredient for each. There are fertilizer products available that contain an uncomplicated formula that benefits our plant life and our waterways.

Potassium is vital for growth, helping any natural plant or turf get started in life. To support the vibrant color mix, it is best to use magnesium nutrients to enhance the photosynthesis process. When adding iron to the mix, it ensures the best chance at an extended survival. And using humic acid helps to orchestrate the consumption of the micro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur) available. When mixed and applied correctly, these four elements provide all that plants, flowers, trees, and turf need to be healthy.

Application is an important step as well, making sure that your plants and turf receive regular treatments for continued prosperity. The maintenance of applying any natural fertilizer should be applied every 12 weeks / 4 times a year. Another tip for application is not to use liquid fertilizers, because as soon as the first rain comes, it will wash away and into our waterways.

I have been in this business for 35 years and want to leave a better environment for future generations to enjoy. This is why I created K & K Super Blend®, a fertilizer product that has a PATENT guaranteeing that every bag sold contains the same formula mix, and you specifically know what you will be applying to your landscapes. Just remember, simple is best, stick with the basics no matter what product you use.

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