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Local Man Creates Year-Round Fertilizer That is Good For the Environment

FORT MYERS, FL (June 5, 2020) – In Florida, June 1-September 30 marks the black-out period for residents and property owners to fertilizer their turf and plants with certain products. For those seeking ways to keep yards fresh and healthy, K & K Super – Blend® fertilizer is an option that can be used year-round.

“With K & K Super-Blend, our goal is to continue providing a 100% all-organic product to both the agricultural and commercial industries with a focus on preserving our environment for future generations,” said Ken Boyce, Inventor & CEO. “Our product is comprised of elements that increase water retention, eliminate thatch, and could aid in micronutrient uptake and support root growth. When properly applied, our fertilizer acts as a soil conditioner, reducing the amount of irrigation time needed for your turf, thus saving water.”

Due to the lack of nitrogen and phosphorus, K & K Super-Blend® is a product that can be used on turf and plants year-round, helping to keep them healthy and vibrant while also helping to preserve the natural environment. Those interested in purchasing the K & K Super-Blend® can find it in the following retail locations: Bailey’s Sanibel, Driftwood Garden Center, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Gavin’s’ Ave Hardware (Fort Myers and Cape Coral locations), and Golden Gate Nursery.

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