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K & K Super – Blend® Launches New Website

While Florida is currently in its fertilizer black-out period, K & K Super – Blend® launched a brand-new website,, promoting an eco-friendly fertilizer that can be used year-round. The natural and bio-degradable product was developed by southwest Florida local man, Ken Boyce, to provide options for those who wish to condition and give nutrients to gardens, lawns, and plant life, while also preserving the environment.

“The goal of our product is to continue providing a 100% all-organic product for both agricultural and commercial industries, while also ensuring that our environment is preserved for future generations,” said Ken Boyce, Inventor & CEO. “Now, people are spending more time home than ever, giving them opportunities to take up gardening or evaluate ways to enhance the natural habitats surrounding their homes. We redesigned our website to help those seeking alternatives to the chemical-based fertilizers the opportunity to learn about K & K Super – Blend® and how it can be a great element to add into their landscape maintenance routine.”

Due to the lack of nitrogen and phosphorus, K & K Super-Blend® is a product that can be used on turf and plants year-round, helping to keep them healthy and vibrant while also helping to preserve the natural environment. Those interested in purchasing the K & K Super-Blend® can find it in the following retail locations: Bailey’s Sanibel, Driftwood Garden Center, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Gavin’s’ Ave Hardware (Fort Myers and Cape Coral locations), and Golden Gate Nursery.

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