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Your Exclusive All Natural, Eco-Friendly, & Biodegradable Fertilizer 

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Years in Business 

The K & K Super-Blend®, was developed as an exciting innovative, all natural, ECO-FRIENDLY and BIODEGRADABLE Fertilizer, which is totally organic and can be used year-round, with no restrictions, satisfying various climates and soil needs.

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100% produced in Florida, USA, K & K Super-Blend®, contains natural potassium, important micronutrients, and humic acid/composted humus that increases water retention, eliminates thatch, may aid in micronutrient uptake and supports root growth. When properly applied, K & K Super-Blend®, acts as a soil conditioner, reducing the amount of irrigation time needed for your turf, thus saving water.


Our Mission

To provide a 100% all-organic product to both the agricultural and commercial industries with a focus on preserving our environment for future generations.


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It has been nothing short of a MIRACLE what has happened to our lawn in one application of K&K Super Blend. The BEST part is that this is an earth friendly product. I encourage all that want a beautiful lawn while being environmentally conscious to switch over to K&K. Awesome, Awesome results!


Jim & Just Wetter

We have no idea of the chemical mixture but have highly recommended this product to our family and friends in the Florida area.There is an Urgent need to have this product to market ASAP.

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Debra Salyer

Thank You so much for using you new product on my lawn. I cannot believe how thick and green the grass is, My neighbors are 500% jealous, I especially love the fact that it is all organic so I’m not worried about my kids and pets playing on the grass.

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Your Exclusive All Natural, Eco-Friendly, & Biodegradable Fertilizer 

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